Banjospitz Puppy Policy
Puppy inquiries are welcome from people who are committed to a life time of love and care for the dog they bring into their home.

A German Spitz may live up to 15 years or more and deserves the very best you can give it. We expect you will undertake this commitment after having considered all the issues such as the cost of health care, your ability to train and educate the dog and your ability to provide it with the companionship a German Spitz needs. These Spitz are oriented to people and are not suited to being left alone for long periods of time.

They also excel at obedience and agility and need to be educated to achieve their full potential as family members. We are happy to discuss all these issues with you before you make a decision. Our puppies are bred and socialised in the house and you are welcome to visit them and view the three generations currently living with us.

A happy dog helps make for a happy household. Our aim is to help you decide on the right dog for you and to understand how to achieve happiness with your new companion.

Please be aware that a puppy is for life.